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The new product or launch space is a crowded one, and you are not only competing locally anymore but on a global scale. How do you cut through the noise and catch the attention of your targeted customers and clients? 

 In this workshop, you will learn: 

- The importance of simple language and key messaging to increase sales 

 - Get tips to identify who your target audiences are 

 - How to craft clear communications without technical jargon 

 - Understand the different marketing channels available 

- What to consider when formulating a marketing growth plan 

 This workshop is ideal for scale up's, innovation teams and product owners who are working within the emerging technologies space (AI, blockchain, IOT, robotics, smart cities, AR/VR etc), who have complex offerings and struggle to clearly communicate, market and educate their product or service to targeted audiences.

Founder / CMO

Lucy Lin is results-oriented marketing leader with over 17 years marketing experience. She works in partnership with innovative organisations and founders to deliver marketing strategy, implementation and the education of disruptive solutions to global audiences. She is passionate about innovation and emerging technologies and is invited to speak a...

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