Information consumed online can directly affect your mental state, by consuming biased or false information this can fuel fear and paranoia inside yourself and the people around you. This weeks session will look at the role media outlets play in disseminating information throughout the world, specifically in relation to the latest Covid-19 pandemic. We will look at how to critically evaluate online information and news sources in order to discern whether sources are trustworthy and reliable. This session will feature Sebastian Chaoui an entrepreneur and tutor at the University of Technology Sydney where he teaches the subject Engineering Communications. Chaoui is the founder of satellite intelligence firm Arlula which specialises in providing high resolution satellite imagery for monitoring and data analysis.

Mindset Coach

Luke is a technical entrepreneur with a background in robotics and automation. He has proven experience developing innovative designs in Agriculture, Maritime, Space and the Telecommunications industries. He currently works as an Automation Consultant and a Mindset Coach, with various Coaching and NLP qualifications. His mission is to empower entre...

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