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We are pleased to have amazing guest speakers to share their journey in the tech industry from software engineer roles to leadership roles. 

In this panel, we will discuss Why women in tech matters? What women-focused communities provide and how they can support women? 
We also cover questions on Leadership and career advice for those who aim to move to these roles. What we need to learn and improve? soft skills? technical skills?!

We look forward to seeing you at this virtual panel discussion!

Warm regards,

Women of wearables ambassador in Sydney

Engineering Manager at Safety Culture

Claire is an Engineering Manager at Safety Culture in Sydney and a Director of Women Who Code.  She’s been in the Tech Industry for over 14 years, with experience in startups to global companies in both Sydney and London. She is driven by providing an open environment for teams and leading with empathy and care. She hopes to inspire and grow others...

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Software Engineer at Alembic

After working for over 10 years in Audio Engineering, Audio Visual and Tech Support at a large investment bank, I decided to change career and become a developer. I completed a 3 month intensive bootcamp at General Assembly around 3 years ago, and since then have primarily been working with Elixir and graphQL. I like to give back to the tech co...

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Vice President of Engineering at Vamp

Sophie is Vice President of Engineering at Vamp, an influencer marketing and content creation platform. With over 10 years experience as a full stack software engineer, I am passionate about improving processes for both product and team. Lessons from my previous role at a large corporate technology firm have helped guide my work at Vamp, where I ...

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Senior Developer at Atlassian

Peggy is a Senior Developer at Atlassian, and a co-organiser of the Sydney chapters of Women Who Code and Girl Geek Dinner. She strives to create opportunities for others to develop their skills, so they have the confidence to grow as leaders and pay it forward to those around them. In her spare time, she likes solving puzzles and hacking away at r...

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Founder of Taikera

Ima with 15 years of experience in the tech industry, has a good mix of business acumen and technology know-how skills. She's founder of taikera and engineering manager at Metigy and helps with team building and product development. Before Taikera, she was a technical lead at eBay, global marketplace, where she spent time on building a high-perform...

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Women in AI Education Ambassador for Australia, Global Lead

Angela is a head of Analytics and AI at Teachers Health Fund with more than 15 years’ experience in banking and insurance industry. In 2018, Angela and her team won the Data Science & AI National Industry Innovation Awards for “Best Industry Application of AI for AI & Data driven Underwriting Engine” through a collaborative ANZ Wealth (Zurich I...

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