Helping African Students Gain more Confidence

There is a lot of literature about Imposter Syndrome in the past few years. What does it really mean? It is a feeling of being an intellectual fraud. You may have degrees, awards, good performance reviews, promotions, maybe even spoken in a public forum. You still feel it, minimise praise and positive feedback. Your story you constantly told about yourself is that you will be a one-hit wonder, that your success is a fluke that couldn’t happen again. You have no idea how you got so lucky to land a job or why someone even considered you for this opportunity. What you know for sure is that it will disappear if you mess up once, over small details.

I know how imposter Syndrome shows up because I’ve been there too many times. I know what it’s like to constantly second guess yourself, to downplay your proudest moment, and to wonder whether you’re good enough or smart enough for the opportunities presented to you at work.

Imposter Syndrome has lots of negative effects, including not asking for help, turning down new opportunities, avoiding feedback or criticism (no matter how well-intended or constructive), even anxiety and depression. It will also lower your self confidence.

We have the pleasure of having Dr Tina Lee Odinsky Zec, PhD to host a session on Self Confidence: Exploring Values and Understanding Your Value for tertiary students in Tanzania. Participants will engage in a creative exercise to explore their motivations. The process will aid building their self confidence by uncovering the meaning of passion, mission, profession and vocation. At the intersection, each individual will be able to map out their values and better understand their own unique values.

Dr. Odinsky Zec has over 20 years experience in Higher Education and International Project Management. She has her doctorate degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She shifted careers in 2019 moving to work in the Learning and Development of a leading global IT omni channel communications provider, Infobip. Tina has mentored numerous startups and budding entrepreneurs at events throughout Europe. She resides in Croatia with her family but is originally from New Jersey, USA.

We are excited to empower the world through meaningful knowledge exchange conversations, virtually. Want to make the world a better place? You can too, host a session on

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