How does wearable tech contribute to wellbeing and elevate health and mindset?

Recently, wearable tech has been the tip of our tongue and it is one of the fastest-advancing sectors of the wider technology industry. It is projected to outpace the development of smartphones. What is wearable tech exactly?

Basic fitness trackers, highly-advanced smartwatches, to virtual and augmented reality headsets, wearables are already in our daily lives. This includes, Smartwatches, Fitness trackers, Head-mounted displays,VR, AR/smartglasses, Hearables and Consumer health.

Where can you wear wearable tech?

Many early developments of wearables led you to clip your devices to your body, because the primary focus was tracking movement through motion sensors. Recent advancements brought a wide-range of powerful sensors, which must have direct contact with the skin. Wearable tech has since then gravitated to other body parts: the wrists, fingers, chest, forearms, ears, eyes, forehead, temple and anywhere else you can think of.

How does wearable tech work?

Wearables use sensors to connect you as a person. Wearable helps you to achieve goals such as staying fit and active, losing weight, being more organized or tracking your overall mental wellbeing and physical health. In the case of VR displays, wearable tech is ramping up the world in providing untapped opportunities, a wealth of new entertainment and educational experiences.

From mindset to heartset, where does the future of life hold? At the interaction of tech with spirituality and hostlistic wellness, we strive to elevate humanity through wearable tech. We will explore quantification of body, mind and spirit with disruptive wearable-tech solutions and how these are enabling key aspects of thriving in the 21st century.

What does the Future of Work and Learning look like? What does Health & Holistic Well-being mean? What is the meaning of Smart Living?

Join Anuraj Gambhir to learn more, “Exponential Consciousness - from Self-Help Health to Heart Coherence”. This session will cover tech aspects with wearable-tech: EEG, ECG/HRV, GSR/EDA, TDCS and more.

Anuraj Gambhir is an internationally recognized Strategic Business/Startup Advisor, Technology Visionary and Innovation Evangelist. He has over 28 years’ experience and is a trans-disciplinary expert. His practical knowledge spans across executive management, innovation, entrepreneurship, education and leadership, disruptive technologies, design thinking and holistic wellbeing.

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