How to Create a Group on Taikera

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Taikera has a lot of capabilities and equips you with the technology tool-kit you need to easily build, manage, scale and monetise your virtual events to engage your existing community as well as grow your community!

To get started with Taikera Groups, you need to create an account which you can do via following the “Sign Up” prompt on the top right hand corner of the Taikera homepage - it’s super quick and easy to create your own Taikera account.

The one thing you really want to take advantage of on Taikera is our Groups feature.

Once you have your Taikera account set up, you want to navigate to the Groups page of the platform.

On our Groups page you can see all of the existing publicly available groups on the Taikera platform. Now, a publicly available group on the Taikera platform is simply one that you can opt to join from the public and so you can simply go to any of these Groups and request to “Join”.

Taikera is also home to private groups that aren’t listed on our public domain. As a Group owner you can have private or public Groups - it's completely up to you!

Now, to Get Started with creating a private or public Group on Taikera you want to navigate to your profile icon on the top right hand corner of the main Taikera interface and click on it. Once you’ve clicked through to your profile, you will see a whole bunch of administration options on the left hand panel.

This administration portal is the Queen or King (whichever your preference) of your Taikera profile - you can do nearly everything from here. Consider it your personal control room!

To create a Group, you simply want to opt to “Create a Group” from the left hand panel of your control room. You’ll then be prompted to tender in specific content to ensure your Group configuration is optimised (this includes things like a logo / profile photo and a description).

You can take advantage of our AI categorisations which contribute to our content recommender systems (this is great for growing your community!). We have pre-filled category options you can easily choose from by following the prompts in the drop down menu.

If you want your group to be private, you simply opt for it to be private by ticking the relevant box, this means that it won’t show up on our Groups homepage and it will only be discoverable via your Group URL.

Our Groups feature gives you the opportunity to choose from email notifications in addition to our native notification centre, depending on your communications preferences.

You can also require that members have to be approved to join your Group and you can also create a discovery or qualification question they have to answer when requesting to join your Group.

You can also add members’ tags. These member tags become incredibly important when it comes to categorizing the members in your group. If you opt to use our member tagging capability at any time, this becomes incredibly powerful because you can then take an advanced approach to content and event visibility, access and engagement permissions! Talk about intelligent segmentation...

Once you have completed your Group configuration basics, you can preview your Group and then publish it when you’re ready.

Once your Group is published and active, you can explore all of the capabilities available to you. Great news is, the art of the start is to start! You can edit, modify and pivot your Group at any time via your control room.


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