How to Get People Talking About Your Session

There’s no denying it’s frustrating investing time, effort and sometimes money into hosting a session online to share your expertise with a global audience, only to feel like “no one even noticed”.

One of the most important things in today’s day and age has become newsfeed presence - which is all about remaining relevant and top of mind with your target audience. As social media news feeds flood with content from global contributors it can feel like an absolute challenge to get noticed in the feed.

Despite the convoluted and high volume nature of content in social media news feeds, we should never undervalue the importance of at least ‘being there’ - in the feed. And what’s important is that we appreciate the only way we can ‘be in the feed’ is to publish content on the social media platforms we care about.

But what’s even more powerful than publishing content ourselves is when someone else publishes content about us - especially when it is about their experience with us!

In this blog, you’ll discover two practical tips and tactics that you can use to get people talking about your Taikera online sessions.

  • Promote it yourself: ahead of every session you host on Taikera, you want to make sure you’re making your audience aware of the session! If they don’t know it’s on, how could they possibly attend and learn from you? It’s always best to start promotions at least 3 weeks out from your session. Your promotions can be as simple as a photo and a caption about what you’ll cover during the session (with the RSVP URL in the caption) to as influential as a video where you provide your audience with a feel for what you’ll cover.
  • Ask attendees to promote it: throughout the session and or at the end of the session, encourage your attendees to talk on social media about their biggest takeaway from the session! Be sure to ask them to tag your profile. It will vary depending on what your session is about, but it is usually most effective to provide your attendees with an explanation of “what’s in it for them” and therefore why they should talk about the session. You can get creative and use a competition to encourage them to talk about it or you can simply let them know that it will help them demonstrate to their audience that they’ve got a new and valuable skill or insight!

Especially in today’s social media world, there is absolutely no shame in self-promotion! In fact, self-promotion is encouraged and endorsed in today’s online world so be proud and always tell your social and offline networks about your upcoming sessions on Taikera. Not only will it help you to amplify your brand and credibility, but it will also help you to maximise attendee numbers and also create demand for more sessions.

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