The importance of Marketing

Everything we put out as a company in a public context has a heavy impact on the brand image. Context matters, especially during COVID19. Beyond your basic and regular actions taken for daily business activities, your brand can either help or hinder the community’s collective experience. When a cultural moment shifts as drastically like today, it is important that your company address the issues with empathy and approaches marketing mindfully.

How do you use simple language and key messaging to increase sales? How to identify who your target audience are? How to create clear communications without technical jargon? Do you know the different marketing channels available? What do you do, in marketing to ensure growth? What messages do you send to the world?

For startups, it is essential to cater and adapt to the changing needs of consumers. “How to increase the visibility of your emerging tech product & scale for customer growth?” This workshop is ideal for scale up and startups who are working within the emerging technologies space (AI, blockchain, IOT, robotics, smart cities, AR/VR etc), who have complex offerings and struggle to clearly communicate, market and educate their product or service to targeted audiences.

Join Lucy in this workshop

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