Why You Should Become A Mentor

Once upon a time industry recognised mentors only existed in formal institutions, such as universities. This meant that it was usually quite expensive to learn from a mentor and it also meant that mentors were scarce, and difficult to get access to.

Today, in 2020? Anyone can be a mentor.

Why? Because education and learning have been democratised.

What does this mean? It means that anyone can leverage their experiences and expertise to educate others.

Is this a good or a bad thing? Neither… it’s a GREAT thing!

We spend most of our lives working and delivering value and what happens is that as we invest more years into working, we experience complex-adaptive and dynamic forms of compound learning. If we focus our efforts well, we become really good at a lot of things and sometimes we become industry leading experts.

When we learn things, we add value to ourselves, as contributors to communities, groups, businesses and economies at large. One of the ongoing challenges for many professionals is discovering ways to earn money proportionate to their skills and knowledge, based on incidental and deliberate learning.

And this is why you should become a mentor - because you deserve to make money from what you know. In simple terms, you make money when you exchange value with some other person or entity. In exchange for providing value, you get paid (which is of value).

This is one of the things Taikera is most proud of (and excited about) - its ability to enable professionals of all types to build, grow, scale and manage a global digital community with AI powered administration support.

What this means is that you as the professional can become a globally accessible mentor and educator - and get paid for what you know. All you have to do is create your Taikera profile and use the features available to start sharing your knowledge and expertise!

    You can host Sessions, such as:
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Masterclasses
  • Panel Events

And you can also create dedicated discussion channels to keep the energy and dialogue engaging with your global community.

Click here to discover more about Taikera now and create your profile!

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