Taikera Organiser’s Handbook

On Launching a session

Title - best practice

We are all bombarded with notifications in our modern day lifestyles. To make sure you stand out from the crowd. Give a suitable title that evokes the attendees’ curiosity.

Image - best practice

Use a suitable image that catches your attendee’s attention while summing up what your session is about. We encourage you to use images with people in it whenever possible.

Description - best practice

Include agenda in your description. What is it about? Who are you? What will be the main takeaways for the attendees? Who are the attendees? Why do they care? What are their motivations for joining the sessions?

Set Time and Dates

The best time to host a session is after office hours, during lunch, and on the weekends in your local timezone. If you decide to host a session and send it to international attendees, consider finding the suitable time that has crossovers in that timezone. It is also recommended to host regular sessions either weekly or fortnightly.

Set Price

We recommend that you host a few sessions for free to gather up more loyal attendees. If you have attendees who are willing to pay for your advice, go for it. More on how to host better sessions and have a loyal attendance later.

Donation to charity

Should you choose to host a paid session, you can select to donate a portion of your earnings to charity.

Session Types

1-on-1 (Individual)We recommend that you host this session when you know someone is going to pay for your advice or request a session from you.

Ask-me-anythingThis is our most popular format of running the session. We recommend joining other Ask-me-anything sessions before launching your very own.

Master Class (Presentation style)

Office Hours (Ad-hoc)

Panel Discussion

Fireside chat

Maximum attendees

At the moment, Taikera can accommodate up to 50 attendees.

Organisation / Group

If you are representing an organisation or a community, feel free to add it in.


You can host your sessions in any language you like.


We recommend that you choose your timezone accordly for your international network of attendees.

Invite only

We give you the option to host the session privately.


Just to make sure the attendees discover your session easily on Taikera, we encourage you to take advantage of tags. Make relevant tags about your session.

Once you enter these information, you will be able to preview and make some changes before publishing your session. Press publish when you are ready.

On getting more attendees registrations

To gain exposure, we recommend sending out invitations and sharing the link through social media.

Ask for registrations

Once the attendees has registered for the session, Taikera will send out a confirmation/reminder the day before because people tend to forget or not believe it will happen.

You will also receive an email when an attendee has registered for your event.

To make sure your session receives interest, always include a high level agenda in your description. Think about the information that the attendees might want to know.

On running the session, virtually

  • Actively moderate. Have an agenda, stick to time (builds trust).
  • Establish the shared norms of conversation (safe space, chatham house, harassment, many voices… etc.).
  • Make suggestions to attendees to mute their mic when they are not speaking. Sometimes background noise might get in the way of having an interactive, fulfilling and/or value added session.
  • If you are feeling like you are speaking to a void, suggest attendees to give you visual feedback in the session.
  • Make it easy - having regular sessions on the same day of the week.
  • Have some kind of human element; eg. check ins, introductions, profiles. How to do this really depends on goals, format, length, frequency, etc.
  • Report after - follow up with a link to the notes and key takeaways.
  • Always ask for feedback - creates a sense of ownership, being valued. Ask for why they joined the session, what they hoped to get out of it and is there any other topics they are interested in.
  • Quick self promotion about next session. Ways to find out more about you and your session. If the attendees have more questions, encourage them to request a one-on-one session on your profile page.
  • Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with Taikera. We really appreciate your contribution towards a more fulfilling intellectual adventure in the world.

    We look forward to seeing you around on our platform.

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