Ever wondered what a product manager does? What product management is? Is it part of marketing? Do you have to be technical? What's the difference between a product manager and a project manager? Learn what product management is, what a product manager does day to day, how a product manager builds products, who they work with, what their role is within an organisation and how it can prepare you for entrepreneurship. Irene has been in product management for over 15 years within corporates, launched award winning products, world first products and products customers love. She now runs her own business www.kadeebotanicals.com and has had her products invited to the Emmys. In this session learn what a product manager does day to day and ask Irene anything.

Entrepreneur | Founder | Innovator | Teacher | Strategy | Product | Marketing

Irene has 20 years experience in product development, product management, marketing, partnerships, pricing, contract negotiation, innovation and customer experience at large corporates. She has a passion for creating products that solve customer pain, designed to be shared and packaged in a way that's easy to adopt. Her natural curiosity abo...

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