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In this session you can ask me anything about Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Kalman filters, Computer vision, robotics. Attendees questions: - What's the difference between AI and Machine Learning? - Is the chatbots are counted as conversational AI? Even that if we use NLP for chatbot and not deep learning? - What are the factors you consider when deciding what sort of approach to take with a machine learning problem? i,e how do you decide "This would be good fordeep learning" vs something else? - What's the best approach on implementing facial recognition on a website to detect human faces? - What's the best AI technique to use to suggest users tags and categories on my mobile app? The recorded version can be found here

Lead AI and Machine Learning Engineer

I wear many hats as I like to stay busy. Clearway Tech ------------------- I am working on a project with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to automate the detection of vehicles blocking clearways. RoboCup ------------ I am a member of UNSW's robot soccer team. Our robots are fully autonomous and only refere...

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