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No matter in what part of the world you live it is essential that all your records are stored accurately, when owning a business.

QuickBooks is a financial accounting software program famous for its ease of use, customization, and reliability.

Join this session to learn the best tips & tricks within QuickBooks that will not only save you time but also improves your productivity. During the session, Rovienne will cover the following topics (among other):

- Tips on how to set up a company file.

- Tips on how to book in QuickBooks.

Be ready to ask your questions, engage, interact, and learn a lot about bookkeeping in QuickBooks!

Managing Director

Rovienne is a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor with more than 10 years of experience. Like most people she initiated her career in a completely different sector. Rovienne has worked in the health sector and the hotel industry covering positions varying from a Facility Manager and Front Office Manager to Office management which even included Sales & ...

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