Calendly is one of the BEST appointment tools in the market. The company was SMART to respond to covid-19 and offer zoom integration FREE of charge! When it did this, it became my favourite company and my loyalty for them went up 300%! My whole management team uses calendly and we love it., I wanted to sit down with Adam Lambert, Content Marketing Lead at Calendly to understand why the company decided to give away the free zoom integration? How did they know this is something that would build SO MUCH brand loyalty? Heck how do you think of something so SIMPLE and yet so ON POINT! To find out all the answers, I am going to sit down with Adam and find out - How a company likes Calendly actually creates content? Is their a ongoing or monthly brainstorming session? TELL US EVERYTHING - What tools and process does a company like calendly use to come up with their content schedule, copy and automation? - What is the culture like at calendly? - As a content marketer in a unicorn, what are your top tips for businesses about content planning, curating, scheduling? Join me and find how Calendly plans, schedules & strategises their content plan!


I personally love meeting people who want to build and scale digital products. For me seeing the impact the right software can have on a industry when designed, developed and marketed correctly is extremely satisfying. My agency has deep experience in building online booking systems, custom marketplace, e-commerce websites, real estate agent pl...

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