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LinkedIn is known as "Facebook for old people". But the truth is, it isn't. In recent years LinkedIn has become more than a digitised CV for professionals. LinkedIn is being used globally by professionals of all types to grow, nurture and scale professional communities to expand career and commercial opportunities.

When getting started with LinkedIn, it can feel like it is going to take forever just to learn how to use the platform because the UX is rather different to other social digital platforms.

During this Master Class, I'll walk you through exactly how to launch off on LinkedIn without feeling confused or exhausted.

Since 2018, I've achieved more than 100 Million ORGANIC content impressions on LinkedIn and have organically built a community of more than 90,000 professionals across the globe.

I've had the opportunity to coach and consult to an incredible number of clients and communities in Australia and abroad.

Join me for this pow-wow Master Class - I promise you'll leave feeling energised and informed.

Communications and Influence Strategist, Business Advisor and Technology Adoption Strategist

Sally is an astute and calculative businesswoman who has a distinguished ability to assimilate and interpret information. Her approach to business is candid, strategic and pensive. Sally is a proponent for agile ways of working and thrives in complex adaptive environments. She is globally recognised for her approach to strategic communications a...

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