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In this Fireside chat, Ima will chat with Katerina about the importance of awareness when it comes to climate change. Katerina will share how and why she started and what's on the horizon!

Some of the questions in this chat:
- Why climate change should matter?
- What's the impact of the climate for change organisation so far?
- Who is the target audience for climate change? is that age group specific?
- How did you find people reacting towards this movement in Australia?
- What's the scale of your communication? Have you opened global discussions around it?
- What's next?
- what are the main differences between climate for change and al Gore's climate reality project and is there any relationship or coordination with each other?

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Ima with 15 years of experience in the tech industry, has a good mix of business acumen and technology know-how skills. She's founder of taikera and engineering manager at Metigy and helps with team building and product development. Before Taikera, she was a technical lead at eBay, global marketplace, where she spent time on building a high-perform...

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