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Have a startup idea but the cash flow tripping you up? Have trouble keeping your business finances in order? In this session, you can ask Stuart anything about Startup Accounting & Grants! Cover your strategy from getting investor-ready, to getting government grants to bringing your tax accounts up to speed. Ask Stuart about your queries around: • Corporate structuring • How to run company finances effectively • Managing tax compliance & employer obligations • Managing shareholder equity • Preparing for the best government grants • Cashflow forecasts & much more Attendees questions: - Can you tell us a bit about government grants? - common and critical issues with cap table management. and any good tools you use for managing cap table. - Average cost on accounting for year 1, year 2 and year 3 for an average startup company ? where are the areas of main cost? - is it possible to create a trust after company formation and transfer/sell your shares to the trust? if yes, how much time/money does it cost? - is it common to have share classes? like, investors get preferred shares where founders get ordinary shares. what are some common share classes and what are their differences? can the shares in different classes have different values? - Does your scope of work including management financial analysis? what kind? The recorded version can be found here

Partner @ Fullstack Advisory

Stuart Reynolds, C.A. runs Fullstack Advisory, accounting firm to some of Australia’s most innovative businesses in the tech & online arena. He enjoys working with startup founders with the drive to scale their businesses and build globally successful products. He was also listed as Partner of the Year - Boutique Firm (finalist) in the 2019 Austral...

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