Having generated more than 100M ORGANIC content impressions on LinkedIn, I've learned a couple of things about content creation and engagement maximisation. Everyone knows that content marketing is a MUST if you want to exploit the growth possibilities on LinkedIn. But everyone also knows that coming up with content ideas for LinkedIn is the hardest piece of the puzzle.

If you tried created content for LinkedIn, you'll know it's not as easy as Facebook or Instagram - especially if you want real business / career results. LinkedIn expects more of you.

But I encourage you not to let the content demands of LinkedIn overwhelm you....

I've developed a Content Creation Methodology that shows you exactly how to easily come up with content ideas and how to incorporate content creation in to your general activities!

During this powerhouse session I'll show you exactly how I continue to create content for LinkedIn - the exact methodology that's allowed me to continuously achieve ORGANIC growth and results on LinkedIn (no engagement pods and no ad spend).

Communications and Influence Strategist, Business Advisor and Technology Adoption Strategist

Sally is an astute and calculative businesswoman who has a distinguished ability to assimilate and interpret information. Her approach to business is candid, strategic and pensive. Sally is a proponent for agile ways of working and thrives in complex adaptive environments. She is globally recognised for her approach to strategic communications a...

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