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 Do you struggle to manage your time? Do you struggle to set and complete goals?

In this exclusive masterclass you will learn the first step of effective time management. Goal clarity, goal setting and how to break goals down into manageable tasks! Learning this skill will help you be more productive with your time and save hours of wasted time each week. This session will break down the following:

 - How to create smart, actionable goals

 - How to break goals down into manageable tasks

 - Tips on staying motivated and productive

 - Some time manageable tools and techniques that can be used to manage time more efficiently

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Mindset Coach

Luke is a technical entrepreneur with a background in robotics and automation. He has proven experience developing innovative designs in Agriculture, Maritime, Space and the Telecommunications industries. He currently works as an Automation Consultant and a Mindset Coach, with various Coaching and NLP qualifications. His mission is to empower entre...

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