Are you wondering how you are going to handle your staff when Job Keeper ends if your business hasn’t recovered from the economic downturn from COVID-19? Have you been just trying to survive and hoping to not break any employment laws? Do you know when it is safe to bring your people back to work and what safety measures are needed? You know there is a lot you just don’t know to be complaint, but not sure where to start?

2020 has been a year of unprecedent challenges for businesses of all sizes with huge stresses placed on owners and managers to tackle issues they have never faced in their businesses before. Surviving and coming out strongly post COVID-19 requires ‘working on your business not just in your business’. Find the answers to what you don’t know, and plan for managing your business not only for now but also to be ready for what’s coming.

Unprecedented times call for expert advice every step of the way. You and your employees' safety and well-being at work has never been more important.

. Is your business surviving or thriving ? 3 methods to reduce your labour costs including Standing Down staff, Reduction of working hours & Redundancy. We will explore the Pros & Cons of each option and impacts for your business

2. Remote working from home - Watch out your blind spots, we will explore WHS (Work, Health and Safety), Data Privacy and review a case study to understand the potential penalties for getting this wrong

3. Back to work – Review the legal consideration including;

  • What can I do to keep my workers safe at the workplace & limit the spread of COVID-19?
  • Why you should have an Epidemic/Pandemic policy & procedures
  • How does your Emergency Management Plan look like under COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • How to handle workers who REFUSE to return to business as usual

Who Should Attend

  • HR managers, directors, and VPs
  • Business owners and managers
  • Office managers
  • Anyone on your team involved with implementing your reopening your business strategy

Founder & Director

Founder & Director of Eficaz Consulting; Bestselling author (Leaders – who make impacts to the world through their business); NLP coach and Tao Kungfu practitioner and Latin dancer. After graduating with a Master of Commerce and a Diploma of Human Resource, Helen honed her HR and business skills working in HR Managerial positions across a number o...

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