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In this session, you can ask me anything about RPA, Process Selection, Solution Architecture, Development Guidelines, Vendor Landscape, Document Understanding, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Process Understanding, Center of Excellence, How to get started, anything about RPA. Attendees questions: - What's the best approach to start automating process to achieve customer satisfaction? - Can you give us a popular use case for RPA? - What's the future of work look like with robotics process automation? - What is center of excellence in RPA? Is that only for large businesses or it can be applied to medium size or small businesses? - Any suggestion on how to start with RPA? For a newbie The recorded version can be found here

RPA Evangelist and CEO at Incepto

Jens brings together the best of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to help organisations in their never-ending quest for productivity gains and business process improvements. Having worked for market-leading firms in Frankfurt, New York, Montreal, Luxembourg and Sydney, Jens acquired a wealth of business knowledge as well as ...

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