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Go to Market strategy, Developing conversion funnels, Choosing distribution channels, Creating a robust sales. Whether your target market is B2C, B2B or B2E, there is an approach that can get you the best sales traction for your business or startup. Attendees questions: - What's the best technique to improve the sales funnel? - Which platform is the best for paid advertsing, google, linkedin, twitter, facebook? - Max talked a bit about marketing and sales teams working together. How about sales and product teams? Should they be working together to improve retention rates and potentially discovering new products? Does it make a difference if you are a small team that can iterate on products quickly? The recorded version can be found here

Trusted Growth Strategy Consultant

My main areas of expertise are: • Sales, marketing and distribution strategy and execution • Business management, growth and people leadership • Personal and professional development coaching • Effective communication and presentation • Financial services industry, specifically within wealth management, finance and global investments

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