In this interactive tutorial + Saturday hangout, I am going to show you my way of working with Adobe XD. Absolute Beginners welcome! We are going to design and make a prototype from a problem space. Let's learn and play. *I am going to donate 1% of the fee to Lentil as Anything. Lentil as Anything Lentil as Anything is a movement for social fairness and inclusion. We recognize that food not only sustains our bodies, but how it is grown, harvested, prepared, and shared can positively influence our community and help it thrive. For 20 years we’ve created an ecosystem based on valuing people over profit. We recognise that every individual has gifts to offer no matter what their background or social status, and we recognise that in the process of giving back, each individual who volunteers, partners and supports our ecosystem helps acknowledge the core values of being human.

Product Designer

I have experience working with teams to brainstorm and whiteboard concepts. I can create wireframes at varying levels of fidelity, and love prototyping ideas. I have some front-end coding experience, and enjoy working with product managers, devs, and content strategists to build ideas out. I am an advocate for design research to make sure the featu...

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