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LinkedIn has traditionally been recognised for its capability to support job seeking and recruitment efforts, but in recent years its evolved to become something so much more! With the evolution of content capabilities on LinkedIn, the marketplace has quickly become a content haven! LinkedIn data indicates that LinkedIn, as a social media marketplace, is quickly becoming a part of the daily mix for users in terms of what social feeds they 'check in to' routinely.

The evolution of LinkedIn and the infant stage of its content capabilities presents an incredible opportunity for business owners, working professionals, entrepreneurs and founders who want to build their brand at scale with amazing cost efficiencies.

As one of Australia's most recognised LinkedIn Media Personalities, Sally A Illingworth has amassed more than 100M organic content views in 2 years and developed a loyal audience of more than 86,000 people.

Join Sally for this LIVE Q&A Session to discover the secrets to achieving massive growth on LinkedIn!

Communications and Influence Strategist, Business Advisor and Technology Adoption Strategist

Sally is an astute and calculative businesswoman who has a distinguished ability to assimilate and interpret information. Her approach to business is candid, strategic and pensive. Sally is a proponent for agile ways of working and thrives in complex adaptive environments. She is globally recognised for her approach to strategic communications a...

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