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Agenda: - Short intro and welcoming! - Speaker talks - Q&A 

Responding to climate change through the brands you use - by Carl prins 

As the public concern about the impact of climate change grows, brands are responding to help their end consumers do their bit for climate change. This moves a utility expense into a marketing line item for large brands. 

How's it made? Using IoT to verify supply chains - by Rose Matthews 

A huge proportion of our world's natural resources are spent growing, farming, or otherwise producing commodities for food and clothing. Complex, opaque supply chains that cross international boundaries keep consumers in the dark about how their choices impact the environment, removing any commercial incentive to act sustainably. Australia-based impact venture OpenSC is tackling this by taking a human-centred design approach to implementing technology that will verify claims made about any given supply chain, using a variety of sensors and processes to collect data and crafting algorithms that combine it into meaningful information. This talk will show how this work is being done and what our vision is for a more sustainable, environment-friendly future. 

How Hydrogen can enable the decarbonisation of our industries? - by Thomas Padovani 

Thomas will cover what could be a future Hydrogen economy and present the strategy of Australia to lead that transition. He will share a vision of hydrogen commercialization pathways. Padotech, Hydrogene de France (HDF), and Cape York Partnership (CYP) are developing Hydrogen projects with aboriginal communities in Northern Queensland. The objective is to offset the usage of Diesel and create new opportunities for the region. He will explain how these types of projects could be significant achievements in deploying those technologies at scale and increasing renewable energy penetration on our electricity networks.

The registration fee will be donated to the Climate for change organisation

The event is organised by the Women Of Wearables ambassador in Sydney. Women of Wearables (WoW) is a leading global organisation aiming to inspire, support, and connect founders, entrepreneurs in wearable tech, fashion tech, smart textiles, IoT, health tech, VR/AR, and robotics.

Co-Founder and CEO at Pathzero

Carl has been involved in the de-carbonisation of the electricity market in Australia for the last 3 years. As a former hedge fund manager, he is looking to apply his knowledge of financial markets and energy to tackle climate change.

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Lead Strategic Designer at OpenSC

Rose Matthews is a human-centred design specialist with global experience working on social and environmental causes. Having spent time with remote communities in Africa and Asia to implement health services, she is now the Lead Strategic Designer at OpenSC with responsibility for conducting exploratory research along international supply chains.

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Founder & CEO at Padotech

Thomas is a French engineer/entrepreneur, with 9 years’ experience in Renewables, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities. He launched PadoTech, a consulting company connecting research institutes, industries and investors. Padotech actively represents HDF (Hydrogene De France) in Australia/Pacific Area.

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Founder of Taikera

Ima with 15 years of experience in the tech industry, has a good mix of business acumen and technology know-how skills. She's founder of taikera. Before Taikera, she was a technical lead at eBay, global marketplace, where she spent time on building a high-performance team and hiring talented engineers. She is experienced in high traffic websites...

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