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Team building, Inclusion, and Diversity, Support, Tech debt, Working with offshore team, Delegation, Engagement, Outsourcing. Attendees questions: - How can I support my team in staying with up to dating their technical skills and soft skills both at the same time? - Coming from a technical background, how can I make the shift towards more management/leadership role? - What do you suggest for improving soft skills for business success? And later having an inclusive culture in the team. - I have a product strategy question. I’m working on a start up called TillaSwap, which is a socially powered money changer. TillaSwap aims to eliminate the costs of changing currency when travelling by cost conscious travellers meet and swap money. Although the final product will be an app, I need the product to be more of a community than an app and spread its use through word of mouth. What are some product strategies I could use to make this happen? - How can a team leader elicit honest feedback from his/her team members, specifically on how the leader and the business/project is doing, and what improvements can be made? Is it reasonable for leaders to expect members to suggest improvements? In my experience, it seems that the members are afraid of suggesting something that would be considered silly and prefer to suggest nothing. The recorded session can be found here.

Engineering and people leader

Salma has been leading Engineering teams for the past decade. She has worked on projects for companies like Coca Cola, Proctor and Gamble, The Chicago Mercantile exchange and many others. She can help you with: - Technical strategy - Product strategy - Diversity in hiring and inclusion - Coaching

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