LinkedIn isn't "facebook for old people". Linkedin is one of the world's largest professional social media content platform. It is known as the world's largest professional networking site and is home to globally recognised professional content creators.

Together, Ahmad and Sally have continued to deliver Australia's most memorable LinkedIn content focussed event - Unleash the Power of LinkedIn Content Creation.

Unleash the Power of LinkedIn Content Creation is the foundational quarterly event in the LinkedIn Content Club occurring in March, June, September and December each year.

At Unleash the Power of LinkedIn Content Creation you will discover:

- Why content works on LinkedIn

- How to come up with content ideas for LinkedIn

- Influencer tips for leveraging LinkedIn

- How to measure the success of your content

- How to get hashtags working for your content

Our showcase panelists will be announced soon! Save your virtual seat now.

This panel discussion will be hosted via Zoom integrated video conferencing with Taikera.

Communications and Influence Strategist, Business Advisor and Technology Adoption Strategist

Sally is an astute and calculative businesswoman who has a distinguished ability to assimilate and interpret information. Her approach to business is candid, strategic and pensive. Sally is a proponent for agile ways of working and thrives in complex adaptive environments. She is globally recognised for her approach to strategic communications a...

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