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Women in AI (WAI) in collaboration with Vinnova Swedish Innovation agency published a research paper in November 2020 on AI for Gender Equality in September 2020.


Twelve expert interviews, one global, three local workshops, and desk research were conducted within the framework of five identified gender equality issues: gender-related violence (1), health inequalities (2), pay gap (3), unpaid work (4) and uneven funding (5).

Key Findings

Key opportunities lie in awareness and intervention through blind spot detection, education and self-help, as well as intervention through autonomous action. A call to action, for e.g. hackathons, is recommended specifically for areas 1, 2, and 3. More conceptual, ground work is needed for areas 4 and 5, for instance, (academic) research proposals. A transdisciplinary approach with strategic stakeholder management is key. The time to act is now.

WaiDATATHON on gender equality

Women in AI (WAI) in collaboration with Women in Tech and Dsai (Data Science and AI Association in Australia) to showcase datathon to share insights on gender equality data. The event aims to raise awareness of gender related data and application of AI to tackle gender equality issues.
The following is the link for World Bank gender related data that is the main source of data for the datathon.

Pls join us to share gender equality insights and AI application opportunity to move needles for gender equality in 2021.  There will be presentations on Gender Equality  from Women in AI, Women in Tech, Dsai and she loves data team followed by thought provoking discussions and Q&A.

Feel free to contact Angela Kim on angela@womeninai if you have any comment/queries or interest in presenting Gender Equality insights.

Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 9th Dec 6 PM - 8 pm AEDT.  
Please register to save your spot now, thank you.

Women in AI Education Ambassador for Australia, Global Lead

Angela is a head of Analytics and AI at Teachers Health Fund with more than 15 years’ experience in banking and insurance industry. In 2018, Angela and her team won the Data Science & AI National Industry Innovation Awards for “Best Industry Application of AI for AI & Data driven Underwriting Engine” through a collaborative ANZ Wealth (Zurich I...

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