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We all witness the toilet paper panic in Australia lately. How did you get your hands on to a solid pack? Corona Virus has definitely caused a series of panic buy in our local suburbs. Let's think about this more broadly. How does COVID-19 impact the global economy? How does it impact the supply chain, particularly when the manufacturing facilities come to a standstill? Did you know that there are more than 2 million manufacturing businesses in China? What happens if we come to a halt? We are pleased to have the Wonderful Co-directors of Sydney Hardware Incubator Sayee Ganjekar and Omar Najjar to answer your burning questions. We'll cover managing supply chain strategies whilst the coronavirus is around and how to get around halting your production! The recorded version can be found here

Co Director at Sydney Hardware Incubator

As the Co-Founder of Innovation Drive which houses a Hardware Incubator, I specialize in new product development, development and implementation of innovative ideas, and networking opportunities that allow our team of mentors to expand. My overlapping experiences between the time I worked in a corporate position to my switch to focus on the develop...

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