Evidence from social science tells us that our individual successes and choices are influenced by who we interact with. Often life is fast and we do not take the time to pause and think about how our interaction impact who we are now and what we want to achieve in the future. This interactive workshop gives you the opportunity to reflect on who is part of your network, and who provides important advice for your professional growth or business ideas. At the end of the workshop you will have created a map of your "advice network", indicating the type of advice you get from each person, and customized this network for your next project. This workshop is suitable for individuals who are starting a new project, change their career path, or move into a new position. This workshop is also suitable for leadership teams or co-founders. If you join this workshop as a team, please do the exercises individually and share your results with each other at the end. I have done a short version of the workshop for members of workfrom.co. You can watch it online here.

Team Consultant & Researcher

Katerina's passion for professional development began many years ago when she taught her little sister big sister tricks and helped her with her math homework. As work is now often done in teams, professional development doesn't end with the individual, but includes teams. Katerina has mentored several young professionals from different cultures, a...

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