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Have a startup idea but the cash flow tripping you up? Have trouble keeping your business finances in order? In this Virtual Ask Me Anything, you can ask Maree Beare anything about being a female founder, building a startup business in heath tech, health tech data, and standards, consumer data in the health industry, fundraising for health tech. Attendees questions: - What was your biggest challenge for running a tech startup in health tech? Data? Education for people to use app? - How do you measure growth? What should be the expectations for growth for a niche product in the early years? I read that you had to get licenses before launching, tell us more about that and how to cope in a similar situation. - What was your main challenges in fundraising for your startup in health space? - What challenges have you faced as a female founder? The recorded version can be found here

Founder and CEO at Wanngi

Maree is the founder and CEO of Wanngi, a health management app for people with chronic conditions who see multiple doctors who feel vulnerable, out of control and helpless in managing their health. Maree is passionate about using innovative technology to positively impact the lives of others. She is renowned as a forward-thinking leader in the te...

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