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Taikera helps you learn and share knowledge online: saving commute time, consultation money and see yourselves transform! Taikera lets you browse the selection of video content, and to place attendance in just one click. A service offered on Taikera is called a session.
To learn more about how Taikera works, please visit How It Works page.
An organiser is defined as a leader, coach, advisor, and mentor in one of the Taikera categories.
Organisers can create a session free of charge.
An Taikera AMA (or Ask Me Anything) session is a group advisory session that allows attendees to ask the organiser/host anything about the assigned topic area. Attendees join from all levels to ask organisers their hard-pressing questions and get answers in real time.
An Taikera Masterclass is a virtual webinar or lecture given by one of our vetted organisers. This is the perfect opportunity to upskill on a given topic and engage in a virtual classroom environment.
Each session will be managed by its organiser, and if the session is specified as refundable, in case of any cancellation, it will be refunded. However, the service fee is not refundable.
All payments on Taikera is processed via Stripe and Taikera does not store any payment details.
Hubs are created by Taikera members for discussing specific topics, organizing sessions and staying in touch with members.
You will be the leader of your own hub and have the opportunity to grow and shape your hub's culture.
Yes, but you will need to email us at to do it for now.

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